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VPS Hosting Level 4

$899.95 /mo.

With the same features of Level 3 hosting, Level 4 also provides Google & Facebook Ad Management and click-fraud protection to keep you ad budgets in check. Aegis Defender Pro™ blocks millions of IPs of known hackers, spammers and compromised servers, without blocking legitimate traffic.

SEO package includes XML Sitemap Software and submission, plugins to generate OG and Structured Markup (WordPress & Joomla only), Optimized YEXT Power Listings Subscription.

Search Engine Optimization is a little complex and requires much more than just some keywords on your webpage. Google looks at a number of factors, while Social Networks need other codes to know what to display when someone shares your page. Here are some elements of SEO:

  1. XML Sitemap - This is a dynamically created list of every page in your website. It is in XML format and we submit it to Google and Bing Webmaster tools, monitor any issues and address them if they come up.
  2. Structured Markup - This embedded code in your website tells Google all about you in one spot. Company name, location, services, price range and more can be included.
  3. OG Tags - These META codes let Social Networks know who you are, description of the page and what image to use when sharing the page.
  4. YEXT Power Listing - This service puts your organization on over 300 directories and Business Listings such as Google, Yelp and hundreds of other sites to build company reputation and basic backlinks. Critical to Local Search Engine Placement!
  • up to 10 Websites
  • 360GB SSD Storage
  • PHP8 Optimized for WordPress or Joomla
  • Security Tools and Monitoring
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Optional Dedicated IP
  • 64GB RAM Available
  • 6 Core / 12 Thread CPU
  • Aegis Defender Pro™
  • Ultra fast performance
  • Free SSL
  • SEO Plugins & Submissions to Google / Bing Sitemaps
  • YEXT Power Listing & Management ($100/mo value)
  • cPanel Access included
  • Google Ads Management
  • Click-fraud protection for Google and Facebook Ads
Term: 1 Month
Price: $899.95