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AEGIS Defender Pro, The "Hacker Blocker"

Blocks Up To 99% of Malicious Traffic Instantly.

AEGIS Defender Pro works with the Windows Firewall to block over 780 million IPs reported for malicious activity, detects and reports new attacks, and shares that data with every subscriber within minutes.

AEGIS Cybersecurity Software


Firewall Updating Cybersecurity Software

The Only Firewall Updating Software & Service

Every day, we are all under attack from bot-nets, hackers, spammers and more. Over 30,000 servers are compromised per day from these attacks worldwide.

AEGIS Defender Pro™ is the first and only Cybersecurity Software that works with the native Windows firewall and blocks millions of IPs instantly, then updates with new IPs crowdsourced from all clients every 30 minutes. When installed on every Endpoint, it provides a synchronized shield of protection that adapts within minutes when attacked.

Upon installation, clients have reported up to a 99% reduction in bad traffic instantly!

Aegis Defender Pro™

IPs Blocked

Solutions for All Platforms

Defender Pro™ Cybersecurity Software was created to syndicate the AEGIS Master Block List to Cloud servers, LAMP arrays, Windows Servers and PCs

Real-Time Detection & Protection

Crowdsourced Attack Data for Proactive Protection

Since 2016, AEGIS has collected malicious IPs gathered from client attack reports, online abuse databases, and Government agencies, and built the AEGIS Master Block List - The core of the AEGIS Defender Pro™ System.

Our Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC) processes attack data 24/7/365 from our clients and crowdsourced sources to update the Master Block List with the latest attack data as it happens.

When a single client is attacked, every subscriber has that attacking IP or CIDR in their firewalls within minutes.

The More They Attack Us, The Stronger We  Become.

Try Aegis Defender Pro™ free for 14 days

Download Aegis Defender Pro™ software for Windows and see the difference instantly on busy public servers.

  • Good for 1 Windows Server for 14 days

  • Imports over 780 million IPs into Windows Firewall
  • Updates every 30 minutes from our Master Blocklist
  • When installed on every Endpoint, synchronizes all Windows Firewalls
  • Fully Automated - install it and forget it

Need a more robust trial? Contact us.