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The Only Crowdsourced Firewall
Updating Software & Service

Blocking over 780,000,000 Malicious IPs

Aegis Defender Pro™ is a software and service that updates the Native Windows Firewall with years of attack data, detects & reports new attacks, and receives hourly updates.

Aegis Defender Pro™ for
Windows Server and PC

Aegis Defender Pro™ works by updating the native firewall of Windows with thousands of consolidated Rules to block millions of verified hackers, spammers, phishing servers and botnets from your server, PC or laptop.

Each of these entries are researched & verified in real-time, as attack reports are received by our specialists. Once verified, they are added to our Master Blocklist, which is downloaded and applied to your Firewall automatically every hour.

When one client is attacked, all become protected from that attacker - within minutes.

The More They Attack Us, The Stronger We Become

AEGIS Defender Pro is a powerful cybersecurity tool that can help protect your devices and networks from cyber threats, and increase performance.

Our Windows software applies 7 years of attack data from hundreds of sources to your endpoints instantly. It then checks for updates every 30 minutes and applies new Rules.

Our Cybersecurity Operations Center monitors and stops new threats in real-time, not just for the attacked computer & network, but for every subscriber within minutes.

Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment

Installs in seconds on any Windows system, automatically updates the Windows Firewall Rules.

Our Windows software install easily on any instance of Windows, including Cloud systems. If the installation detects Windows Defender is not activated, it will guide the user on how to activate it prior to installation.

For Linux installations, no software is required. We update the CSF deny files automatically from our servers every hour.

Windows Server and PC

Download and install either the Server or PC version to deploy the Aegis Defender Pro™ firewall updater program. It will download and apply the latest Rules for your Windows firewall.

Linux / LAMP

For Dedicated Linux / Apache Servers, we upload a new .deny file via sFTP to your csf firewall every 15 minutes, keeping it secure proactively.

Web Hosting Services

We can transfer your website to our VPS hosting servers quickly, then edit your DNS to point to our servers. Standard websites can be transferred within a single day.

Easy Deployment

Continuous Updates

Aegis Defender Pro™ for Windows Server, 10 or 11 connects to our servers hourly to check for updated Rules to apply. Our Blocklist changes multiple times per day as IPs and CIDRs are added, consolidated or removed.

Linux subscribers receive updated csf.deny files from our servers via sFTP upload every hour.

Our VPS Hosting clients are behind our main firewall, giving them instant protection from reported attacks.

Each firewall Rule is vetted and verified before inclusion in the Blocklist, to ensure legitimate traffic is not affected.


Secure & Synchronize All Endpoints

Protect your websites, email, workstations, laptops, office servers and Virtual Machines with a single solution. If one endpoint is attacked, all are protected from that attacker in minutes.

We use the SOLO Licensing system to help you track installation keys, for complete network coverage and management.

Cybersecurity Program Results

Boost Performance, Increase Bandwidth

Instant Results

Public-facing servers suffer a barrage of attacks every minute of every day. Fake logins, SQL Injections, virus uploads, session poisoning and vunerability probing drags your server and network down.

Aegis Defender Pro™ stops many of these attacks instantly.

  • Faster Servers & Network
  • More Available Bandwidth
  • Drastic Reduction in Attacks
  • Increased Traffic to Websites

Dedicated Linux Servers / LAMP

Our automated system update your Linux csf files every hour via sFTP with fresh IP addresses and CIDRs of verified hackers, spammers and bad bots.

We also block Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) servers and other IPs reported by the CISA and other Government Agencies, keeping your websites free of phishers, hackers, spam and Botnets.