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Monitoring and Securing
Your Networks

The AEGIS Cybersecurity Operations Center

Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

Our incident response team detects and responds within minutes of a single cyber-attack, protecting all subscribers.


Each of our clients have 3rd party detection systems that report attacks to our CSOC every hour of every day.


Attackers are reported & blocked from the subscriber's server automatically while we trace the IP, find the CIDR and cross-reference with Abuse Databases.

Incident Response

The More They Attack Us, The Stronger We Become.

Update & Test

Verified IPs are consolidated into CIDRs and added to the Master Blocklist, if they meet strict criteria to ensure legitimate traffic is unaffected.

Automated Firewall Updates

Within minutes, every subscriber downloads the new Rulesets to their firewalls, pro-actively protecting all subscribers when only one is attacked.

Below is a Live Map of cyberattacks in real-time.
Our subscribers are blocking over 90% of these attacks.

Trace to Source

Attack Detection

We use SIEMs and other tools to trace ongoing attacks to their source while the attack is in progress.

Abuse Research

Abuse Research

Our tools cross-match the IP to multiple abuse reporting databases, then obtains the CIDR if it meets our criteria.

Timely Processing

Real-Time Processing

Within minutes, the IP and / or CIDR is added to the Master Blocklist, which is downloaded every half hour by all subscribers.

The Master Blocklist

Our Master Blocklist is the culmination of years of work from thousands of sources around the world. Combining databases from abuse reporting websites, Government sources and cyber-attacks on our own clients, we've created one of the most comprehensive lists of IP addresses and CIDRs used by C2 Commanders, Bot-Nets, Spammers, Hackers and Malware / Ransomware servers.

Most blocked IPs are compromised devices and web hosting servers, not people. We take great care in our IP blocks, and provide unblock request pages for all websites that have AEGIS Hosting.

24/7 Detection and Blocking

Protecting Web Servers in Real-Time

Each of our clients have detection and reporting software for common attacks such as SQL Injections, WP-Admin Logins, DDoS attacks, Session attacks and much more. After 3 attacks, the IP is blocked on the local server.

People Behind The Keyboard

Dedicated Staff of AEGIS

Every attack is reported to our staff in real-time, allowing them to research them for abuse and traced to the source. If the IP or CIDR meets the criteria, it is added to the Master Blocklist immediately.

Automated Distribution

For Windows and Linux Servers

AEGIS downloads the Master Blocklist to the native Windows firewall Rules or updates Linux CSF via sFTP every 30 minutes. When one client is attacked, all clients are protected within minutes.

Abuse Database Sources

Crowdsourcing Cyber-Attack Reports

Sites like AbuseIPDB.com allow people to report cyber-attacks in detail, including type of attack and IP address. This is one of the many tools we use for research, and to find the most egregious attackers before they attack us.

Patterns in the Chaos

How Hackers Make Us Think It's Hopeless

With only 4.6 billion IP addresses in the world, hackers don't have unlimited resources to use, although it may seem hopeless during a DDoS attack. We're blocking 90% of their hacker networks, representing 20% of the Internet.

Government Partnerships

Working With Government Agencies

By working with government agencies, AEGIS keeps up with the latest alerts and reported IP addresses of cyber threats before they attack our clients. RaaS & malware servers are researched and added routinely.

Firewall Updates

The core of the AEGIS solution is the automated distribution of the Master Block List.

Windows - AEGIS for Windows Server or PC updates the native Windows Firewall Rules every 30 minutes.

Linux - Automated sFTP updates to the firewall's csf.deny file every 30 minutes.

When one subscriber is attacked, all benefit from that data within minutes.